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Tuition for introductory ACCA, ACA intro accounting, CPA Canada


Small Business Accounting

I am Quickbooks online certified Quickbooks for small businesses

Business Plans

I help with writing and reviewing business plans


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Do you have difficulty understanding accounting but want to start your own business or have started it?

Would you benefit from on-on-one tuition?

Are you in high school just starting in accounting and you need extra help?

Do you have difficulty getting to a classroom perhaps because of small children or an inadequate bus service?

Let me show you you can pass your exams.

The mind is a terrible thing to waste

What kind of work do you do?

I do tutoring, accounting on Quickbooks Online, training on Quickbooks online and Xero. I am Quickbooks online certified and I’m a qualified accountant.


What accounting designations do you cover?

CPA (Canada), ACCA and ACA (UK)

What courses are you familiar with?

CPA (Canada) course
ACA Accounting

Have you done tailor-made courses?

Yes Accounting for Beginners 18 hours
Accounting-The Next Steps 18 hours

What designation do you have?

CPA (Canada) formerly CMA

Can I choose how many sessions?


What is your cancellation policy?

As preparation is necessary, 24 hours notice is appreciated.

Why are you motivated to do this?

While studying accounting needs self-discipline people can learn to study and reading, doing the problems and practicing exams and later practicing case studies it is possible to succeed. I do not want to have a rigorous accounting schedule after retirement. I want to show students qualifying can be accomplished

What is the free consultation you offer?

I offer one hour to listen to what the potential client wants to talk about and determine if we would be a good fit. Contact me through this website or on 441-703-5958.
What kind of work do you do?

I do tutoring, accounting on Quickbooks Online, training on Quickbooks online and Xero. I am Quickbooks online certified and I’m a qualified accountant.

Will you work with someone who wants to keep doing accounting?

Yes but it has to be clearly defined and the client needs to be comfortable with their area. Duplication of work should be avoided.

Is it good for someone to proceed with their accounts or be cautious?

Sometimes it’s easy to think you can call on the accountant after you get stuck but in my experience it’s harder to fix any problems then as opposed to the beginning of the job.
Can you help with filing payroll tax?


Can you do Quickbooks Online training?


Quickbooks Desktop and Quickbooks online are different. Why do you favour Quickbooks online?

I favour Quickbooks Online as it’s easier to share the work and there is less updating.
Please see link below for further information.

Do you recommend spreadsheets?

Not instead of an accounting system as formulas can be accidentally changed, spreadsheets can disappear and there is too much creativity. They are often harder to follow. Spreadsheets can, however be uploaded into Quickbooks or Xero.

How do you share documentation?

From a shoebox
From a Shared Google Drive or OneDrive folder
By asking the client on a regular basis for supporting documentation.

Can you password protect?

Yes. Bank statements and other pdf files can easily be password protected.

I’m not comfortable with security.

That’s fine. You take back the documents and store them. Keeping them online and not sharing them after the accountant has finished may make it easier to find things. Sharing them of course makes it easier for both parties.

How do you meet deadlines when you have a job in school?

I return home by 4:15pm and can work in the evening and often at weekends. Deadlines fall at different times.
What is the free consultation you offer?

I offer one hour to listen to what the potential client wants to talk about and determine if we would be a good fit.

What is your best fit client-wise?

I like the client to communicate consistently and clearly. Getting support can be a challenge. The client may be busy but not having to wait too long is more efficient which will be reflected in a lower bill. Towards the end of the assignment there will usually be more questions. It’s fine to tell the accountant when you will get back to them.

Why are you motivated to do this?

Most clients are innovative with their chosen field and while some may make good accountants and just require a little help (this needs to be defined) others want to concentrate on their occupation. I spent many years in an office but more recently I taught accounting and helping small companies which makes me feel good.

Contact me at 441-703-5958 (Bermuda). Let’s make a appointment at a mutually convenient time.
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M-F 4:30-7:30PM

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Accountancy Tamer

I bill at the end of every month due by the middle of the following month

I charge time spent but a fixed fee when it is clear how much work

I have 2 sets of business hours to reflect when school is open and I have other work

I have the most experience with Quickboooks Online and Xero accounting systems. Would you need help getting a subscription?

I will likely ask:

When are you looking to start if you decide we want to work together?

When did your business start?

How many people do you employ?

Do you have payroll and/or inventory?

Are you already setup? If so as a single proprietorship or partnership?

How busy are you?

How has COVID affected you?

What’s your preferred communication if you have a preference?

Who will handle payroll tax? Social Insurance?

What volume of transactions do you have?

Do you have inventory? Approximately how many items?

Please rate yourself 1-10 on knowledge of accounting where 10 is a qualified accountant.

Are you consistently available to provide information or answer questions on your schedule?

Would you opt for file sharing eg Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive? Bank statements in pdf can be locked.

What’s the next step
Send an email from this site or call or Whatsapp 441-703-5958
About me image
My story started in 2016 when I began teaching accounting classes at Bermuda College.

I found that students often had difficulty with the material and I did one on one tutoring to help them improve their knowledge and confidence. I did not qualify quickly and I was a mature student. I got the chance to explore the material and retained it. I am sympathetic to mature students and to those who need help with their study habits.

I started my Company Accountancy Tamer in July 2019 and have tutored clients and my other passion is helping small and new businesses with accounting systems. I either train them or do the work myself.

I not only offer accounting services but also hands on training on accounting systems So clients can get a feel for accounting systems and double entry bookkeeping.

Some people don't have the time for accounting, preferring to concentrate on their business. Others can gain confidence by hands on experience and coaching.

I offer an initial free consultation.

Office work does not appeal any more. I prefer to help people. I have worked with half a dozen clients including a restaurant and some students.

I am results oriented. I am Quickbooks online certified.

I have helped a government department in Bermuda get their accounts up-to-date

I have taught 50 people accounting courses

I have tutored 12 people in accounting

I have developed accounting material for 50 hours of instruction

I have set up accounts on Quickbooks Online

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